Saturday, March 12, 2011

Poll on the yahoo group!

Hello All,

Hope you are spreading the word about the upcoming blog train. As soon as we hav a theme for the blog train we can set the palette and start creating. Then, we'll be able to tell you when the blogtrain will launch in April.

Please join the yahoo group to have input into the theme and palettes of the blog trains. You will also receive extra freebies through the yahoo group. So, you really need to sign up so you won't miss out.

There's a link on the right to go join. Join the group, go to the group in yahoo once approved and complete the poll. What theme do you want for the first blog train? Spring, Easter, Summer, Other? If we get more votes for other we'll do another poll to find out the "other" and then get going! Time is of essence. March is almost half help us out and get to the yahoo group!

Have a great day. It might still be winter but down in the Mid-South's beautiful today!

Enjoy it!


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