Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summertime Blast Blogtrain #4 FREEBIES

Hello All,

We are here with our 4th blogtrain. The theme is all things summer called Summertime Blast. It's a vibrant color palette with bright and cheery summer colors. You're gonna love this one!

Okay, so here it is! I hope you came from the Choo Blog Train. Here's the roll:

logtrain Order - Summertime Blast July 2011
YOU are HERE NOW ======>    CHOO CHOO Blog
Dina <=========== Now go here!

Here's some great freebies for you!

These lovely clusters are made by our friend, Arlene!

Now, if you are a member of the Yahoo Group you get all these goodies!

Enjoy the ride! Don't forget to check back if a blog isn't up yet, we are an international group! Time zones vary!

Thanks for joining us!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Blogtrain Launches July 31 and a FREEBIE

Hello All,

We're getting close to the launch of the 4th blogtrain, Summertime Blast! It's bright and vibrant and will definitely be great for the summer fun photos that you have from your wondeful summer.  I think you're really going to love this blogtrain.

Be sure to mark your calendar.  Remember those of you that are in the blogtrain yahoo group will also have access to additional freebies.  You also get to help choose the color palette, themes and titles of all the trains! Where else do you get to do that?  Only here at the Choo Choo Blogtrain of DigiSisters.

Your freebie today is from Erin of Edina Designs Digitally.  It's a beautiful pack of papers.

If you join the yahoo group you can get access to this freebie from Sandrine, Kapi Scraps.

Mark your calendars!
July 31, 2011!  Start here!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

July blogtrain is scheduled and a FREEBIE

Hello All,

The DigiSisters Choo Choo Blogtrain for July is scheduled to leave the station on July 31. You don't want to miss out on this.  It's a whole shibang (SP*) of summer themes, cool treats, water fun, beach, picnic/BBQ. Anything related to summer.

The color palette is a rainbow of colors and they are HOT for summer!

Check out this preview for the freebie you're going to get today for stopping by and you'll see the palette.

Now I could go for a cool treat like that right now.  But, we'll just have to be satisfied with a digital popsicle, well 4 of them, right now! Hope you enjoy!

Mark those calendars for July 31. We're voting on the name right now.  Don't forget to join the group using the links on the right so you, too, can vote and pick the themes, color palette and name of each blogtrain. You also get special exclusive freebies that blog readers don't. So what are you waiting for.  The yahoo group is not spammed with ads, it is just about the blogtrain and an occasional sale in the store.

Hope you'll join us!